About the Services - What to Expect

Counselling main focus will always be on the individual and what goals he or she would like to achieve. The space and time provided in counselling are component's to assist in the process of change and personal growth.

However space and time will quickly fade into the background as the beautiful process of counselling begins.

The counselling process can be a very rare experience in one's life and I sincerely believe it is a shared gift. As a counsellor, to witness someone facing there fears and struggles is truly astonishing. The fascination of a person allowing another into the depts of their unfiltered life is genuinely remarkable.

Finding the right counsellor is the choice of the individual and my first session is always free of charge.

This is solely for matching purposes. Each session is a scheduled 1 hour. Hopefully establish within this session will be an outline of goals. Also explained and discussed will be process of therapy. And finally a joint agreement to continue the work together will be contracted.

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