Personal Development Counselling

Alans method is grounded in the humanistic approach.

He believes that everyone has the capability to develop and make positive changes within themselves given the right circumstances and environment. 


This approach is centred in what he identifies as the moving parts of Human Nature. As humans, we all share the same fundamental mechanics. Some of these are Thoughts, Emotions, Beliefs, Memories, Attachment, and Attention; furthermore, all these mechanics are interrelating working together in the conscious and unconscious mind. The human mechanics amalgamated together then gives rise to an individual Perception of how the self and the world are perceived.

Having a healthy perception of yourself and the world around you creates good coping skills, confidence, resilience, healthy relationships, balanced emotions plus many more positive advantages. However experiencing life with a faulty perception can lead to many negative symptoms such as Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Low Self Esteem, Addiction prolonged grief/loss, Poor coping skills to name a few.

The good news is that individual perceptions are changing all the time. The perception of a child will develop and mature as they reach adulthood. However when a person feels stuck or lost within oneself the opportunity for personal growth arises. 

Counselling and personal developing work is a very effect and powerful method to assist in this growth. Alan is very experienced in this area and has the skills and approach to facilitate individuals and groups in developing a healthy perception of themselves and the world around them. This is achieved by working and exploring human mechanics in a caring, non-judgement environment.

All Clients will be provided with the environment for change. A relationship based on Trust, Respect and confidentially will be the cornerstone of the counselling process.

Message from Alan

My individual and professional opinion of any negative symptoms or experiences that a person may face in life, is that an opportunity for Personal Development has presented. I have witnessed first-hand the Joy, Elation, Freedom and Piece of Mind gained from doing this work. Having a healthy perception about yourself and the world around you is a gift for you and the people in your life. As your counsellor I will be committed to the process and I will use all my skills and experience to assist you in attaining your goals.

Finding the right counsellor is the choice of the individual and my first session is always free of charge. This is solely for matching purposes. Each session is a scheduled 1 hour. Hopefully establish within this session will be an outline of goals. Also explained and discussed will be the process of therapy. And finally if agreed a joint arrangement to continue the work together will be contracted.